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"We really enjoyed everything about the pack, all of
the activities were fun and
offered lots of educational
stimulation without the kids even noticing.

From: Monkeyfooted Mummy:

"I was really impressed when we opened the box, as it was
stuffed full of everything we could possibly need for the projects."
There is no need to purchase additional items which is great
and the quality of all the craft materials included is good."

From: Elliebearbabi:

"Oscar really enjoyed his Koalapak"
I think they are great and loved that Oscar was doing
things that he found fun yet were educational"
From: Mummy's Zone:

"All in all, I’ve been really impressed with this set, as I’ve
already mentioned,
the quality is excellent
From:Over 40 and a mum to one

"I am a convert! I loved the box and the educational value inside
it. Zachary thought it was wonderful and he enjoyed making
something from start to finish all out of this one little box."

Is it wine o'clock yet

"From a parents point of
view, I loved the excitement my children
got from this craft box.
I loved
that they created projects that
I've never thought of showing them before."
From: CupcakeMumma:

"It's educational, fun and everything you need is included."
It was a perfect activity to cure the boredom of the school
From: Northumberland Mam

"Everything you need for the activities is included"
Stuffed full of activities to keep the kids busy, it’s the perfect thing
to pull out on a rainy day when everyone is starting to climb the walls."
From: My Family Fever:

Carson loved his box and it still sits proudly in our kitchen near the
"When they say that all materials needed are included,
really true ."
From: Carson's Mummy: